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Parents Liable for Internet Bullying

BullyingThe 13-year-old thought he’d have some fun: anonymous “cyber bullying” of a classmate on Facebook.

Eventually, his parents learned of their son’s action. But they ignored it for months.

And now they face civil liability for not dealing with what their son had maliciously created on the Internet. [Read more…]

Selling your Soul, and Other Fine Print

DevilDid you sell your soul?

In 2010 the British game retailer GameStation revealed that it legally owned the souls of thousands of its customers.

If you went on their website to order software on a particular day, you had to click one of those “I accept” buttons on the screen under their contract before you could make your purchase. The contract looked like the usual fine print, and as we all know, most people don’t bother to read that stuff.  

But this language was in it (edited ever so slightly):

“By placing an order via this Web site . . .  you agree to grant Us a non-transferable option to claim, for now and forever more, your immortal soul.  Should We wish to exercise this option, you agree to surrender your immortal soul and any claim you may have on it, within five working days of receiving written notification from Gamestation.co.uk or one of its duly authorized minions.” [Read more…]

Protect the Proceeds of your Company’s Future Sale Now

Sell buttonThe business you’ve been growing is now generating income and making distributions. So it’s not inconceivable that someone (or some people) may want to buy it in the future.


But how do you protect what you’ve accumulated until it does sell?  

And after the sale, how do you protect what you receive?
[Read more…]

Buying or Selling a Business isn’t like Buying or Selling a Candy Bar

KeysSome people think that buying a business is a cinch, as easy as buying a candy bar.  It’s not. You can’t say, “Here’s X dollars; give me your computer and the key to the office (or to the truck, or whatever); and go enjoy the rest of your life.”

It’s the same if you want to sell a business. You can’t say, “Pay me X dollars right now, I’ll hand you this key and the computer, and then I’m outta here.”

You want a clean purchase and sale, right? Without any bad after-effects. So figure on resolving a bunch of matters up front. [Read more…]

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