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Parents Liable for Internet Bullying

BullyingThe 13-year-old thought he’d have some fun: anonymous “cyber bullying” of a classmate on Facebook.

Eventually, his parents learned of their son’s action. But they ignored it for months.

And now they face civil liability for not dealing with what their son had maliciously created on the Internet. [Read more…]

Happy Thanksgiving Questionnaire

TurkeyIf you’ll see your parents (or your adult children) on Thanksgiving, you might want to leave ‘em a copy under their plate.

Dear ______________ (you fill in the blank),
As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we want to let you know that we are thankful in advance that you’ll read this letter. (We know you won’t want to discuss this, but we really need to.) And we’re making it as easy as possible for you to fill out; just check the boxes you like. You can also add in any words you wish.

☐ I don’t have a Will.
☐ I have a Will but I don’t have the faintest idea where it is. [Read more…]

Mean Wills Don’t Ever Mean Well

letterShakespeare — yes, that Shakespeare, the celebrated playwright and poet – wrote one mean document.  His Will did not refer to his wife by name.  And all he bequeathed her was his “second-best bed.”

That’s what he thought of his wife. Theirs wasn’t a great marriage.

So what kind of message was he sending in this part of his Will?  Right. A mean one.  Did this sentiment need to be part of his permanent, written legacy? Probably not; it tarnishes the image of this otherwise giant of literature.

Fast forward to today and someone else. A real Will contained this provision:

If we’re not divorced by the time I die, make sure she gets nothing.  She has already gone through all my money.”

The sentiment was clear.  But when the man died and his Will was probated, this paragraph went on record at the courthouse. Where everybody – including children – could see it.  Forever. [Read more…]

Five Trusts You Do (or Maybe Don’t) Need

piggy bankWe get asked a lot about Trusts, so here’s some gospel. There is no single do-it-all, one-size-fits-all Trust. Each is perfect for some situations, perfectly awful for others. A book about trusts in our library is 855 pages long, and that’s not enough to cover all the types, so the book comes with a CD of trust material, too.

Anyway, here’s the quick guide to the most common ones – and a generic snapshot of why each might or might not be right for you. [Read more…]

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