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Turkey! A Thanksgiving Questionnaire for You.

3866850No, not the bird in the oven, soon to be on the table. You, turkey. Or really, your parent or your adult child is the turkey if they won’t fill out this questionnaire.

But there’s more fowl play: not pushing them to share this information makes you an ostrich, head in the sand, ignoring the obvious. And making the legal and family situations much, much worse.

A word of explanation. This is your third chance to get critical information. Many readers have mentioned that the two previous Thanksgiving Questionnaires were very useful. Some readers even thought they were funny. [Read more…]

Insurance, the Flying Toilet, and the Leaky Body.

Insurnace Claims picsInsurance companies get bum raps, and lots of people figure “If I file suit, they’ll come up with some money to just settle things.” But this doesn’t always happen, and an insurer isn’t going to roll over and play dead.  Sometimes, they’ll even have grounds to claim “Uh uh” and deny that the insured wasn’t covered for whatever happened.

And sometimes, the facts are bizarre, as in these two cases. [Read more…]

Five Little-Known Things To Do with Your IRA

Nest eggHere are five little-known things you can do with your IRA that most people don’t know about . . . including a way to reach into it before age 59½ without the 10% penalty.

Why consider any of these? Well, in the words of Ecclesiastes 9:11, “Time and unpredictable events overtake all.”  Consequently, waiting on your IRA to ripen (or over-ripen) may not be in your interest at all when other things are available to you.

Here’s Idea #1. You don’t have to wait to start using your IRA.  [Read more…]

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