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Your Probate Vocabulary Cheat Sheet

After a person dies, someone has to do things with that dead person’s remaining assets.  And to do those things, that someone has to go to the Probate Court and be appointed the legal representative for the dead person.  If you are that “someone,” when you start looking into what has to be done, you’ll see that Probate has a language of its own – which can be overwhelming.  So while lots of Probate work can be done without a lawyer, it is much more difficult if you don’t know what the terms mean.

This “Probate Vocabulary Cheat Sheet” spells out some frequently used terms that come up during Probate and what they mean: [Read more…]

Three Reasons You Still Need a Will, Regardless of the Estate Tax

FamilyWe heard so much about the “Fiscal Cliff” a few months back, and after all that talk and all the headlines, for most people, the change in the Estate Tax didn’t really change a thing — you still need a Will. Here’s why.

1. The Estate Tax doesn’t decide who raises your children.
We hear it all the time: “I don’t have any assets so I don’t need a Will.” But you do have children, and the change in the Estate Tax isn’t going to name guardians to take care of them if something happens to you.

When both parents die, the Georgia Probate Court will look to see who the parents named as guardians for their children in their Wills. If there are no Wills, then the Probate Court decides who will raise them.

Even if you aren’t sure about the person you choose, you are going to make a better informed choice than a Judge who never met you, and won’t meet your children, your in-laws, siblings, and parents until the Probate Court hearing where they’ll be fighting it out. [Read more…]

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